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Welcome to Poondi Pudumai    Madha College
Rules & Regulations

College regulations
i) Class hours - 9.30 - Prayer and Attendance
- 9.45 to 12.30 Morning session
- 01.30 to 4.15 Afternoon session


       Attendance is compulsory.


       This Co –educational institution is well known for its academic excellence, discipline and moral standards. The college has a diligent, dedicated land accommodating management and committed faculty to lead the student community in the light of the gospel values and make them abide in divine charity. Quality and value education is imparted to the students.

General rules & Regulations
  • Students are expected to attend class regularly.
  • Students are not permitted to get married during the academic year. If already married they are to abstain from pregnancy during the academic year
  • Courtesy, self discipline, modesty and initiative are to be cultivated during the course.
  • Respect and benevolence should be shown towards the staff members.
  • While using the library all the rules and regulations of the library should be observed.
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Poondi Pudumai Madha College
of Education

Vengankudi(Po), Samayapuram
Mannachanallur(Tk), Tiruchirappalli(Dt)
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